Dynatone SLP-150 BLK

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Dynatone SLP-150 BLK
  • Dynatone SLP-150 BLK
  • Dynatone SLP-150 BLK
  • Dynatone SLP-150 BLK
  • Dynatone SLP-150 BLK
  • Dynatone SLP-150 BLK
Id de produit / Code de produit:220384 / DYNATONE-SLP150-BLK
État de l‘entrepôt: 1 état du: 2023-02-01 06:30:19
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Autres noms du produit:Dynatone SLP-150 BLK digital piano with piano bench, Dynatone SLP150-BLK, Dynatone SLP150 BLK, Dynatone SLP150BLK, SLP150-BLK, SLP150 BLK, SLP150BLK
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Dynatone SLP-150 BLK

Dynatone SLP-150 BLK

The natural sound of the SLP-150 is the outcome of Dynatone's DNS (Dynamic Natural Sound) stereo sampling technology. Simple and slim in design, it takes up little space and goes well with any kind of home interior. 14 types of high-quality instrumental voices are included, as well as versatile utilities such as recording, layer and split.


• Keyboard: Natural Hammer Action, 88 keys
• Polyphony: 64 voices
• Sounds: 14 + 1 Drum + 1 SFX
• Total capacity: 128mb
• Display: LED, 3-digit
• Songs: 50
• DSP Effects: Reverb
• Pedals: Soft, Sostenuto, Damper
• Recording: Two tracks, one track
• Functions: Layer, Split, Twin Piano, Master Tune, Master Key-Transponse, Touch, Metronome
• Inputs: USB 1.0 interface, USB type B, Pedal
• Outputs: Stereo 6.35m
• Speakers: 2x 15W
• Dimensions: 1370 x 440 x 840mm
• Equipment: Bench

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