Baton Rouge UR1T MRB

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Baton Rouge UR1T MRB
  • Baton Rouge UR1T MRB
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Autres noms du produit:Baton Rouge UR1T MRB tenor ukulele, Matt Redburst, Baton Rouge UR-1T-MRB, Baton Rouge UR 1T MRB, Baton Rouge UR1TMRB, UR-1T-MRB, UR 1T MRB, UR1TMRB
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Baton Rouge UR1T MRB

Baton Rouge UR1T MRB

Baton Rouge, a German brand, is primarily known for the manufacture of high-quality acoustic guitars, but also offers a very wide range of ukuleles. These instruments are characterised by an affordable price and above-average quality. Good selection of materials and precision workmanship translate into comfortable playing and clarity of sound. The Baton Rouge ukulele is a great choice for both beginners and advanced instrumentalists.

The new UR1 models are aimed at beginner instrumentalists. These ukuleles are made from plywood aghatis (a variety of mahogany) for a full and warm tone character. The gentle neck profile and good balance of the instrument make it a pleasure to play and the solid keys ensure stable tuning.


• Type - tenor;
• Top board - aghatis,
• Back and sides - aghatis;
• Fretboard - okoume;
- Fretboard and bridge - walnut;
• Keys - guitar type, open chrome-plated;
• Number of frets - 18;
• Scale length - 43 cm;
• Fretboard width at the saddle - 37mm;
• Strings - Aquila NylGut;
• Colour - Redburst;
• Finish - matt (open pore);

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