Zebra Music Piórnik

Zebra Music Piórnik
  • Zebra Music Pi√≥rnik
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Autres d√©signations de produits:Zebra Music pencil case with music notes motif, small, stiff, Zebra Music PI”RNIK-NUTY-MSZ, Zebra Music PI”RNIK NUTY MSZ, Zebra Music PI”RNIKNUTYMSZ, PI”RNIK-NUTY-MSZ, PI”RNIK NUTY MSZ, PI”RNIKNUTYMSZ
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Zebra Music Piůrnik

Zebra Music Pencil Case

Zebra Music products are a great choice for a gift for a musician and everyone who is at least a little interested in this field of art. Product range of this Polish manufacturer includes a wide selection of gadgets, gifts, jewelry and even Christmas ornaments. All products are made in Poland, most of them by hand, which significantly increases their value and originality.


• Original rectangular stiff pencil case with a high back
• Dimensions: 20cm x 8cm x 4.5cm
• Made in Poland

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