Washburn WA90 CE TS

Washburn WA90 CE TS
  • Washburn WA90 CE TS
  • Washburn WA90 CE TS
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Autres désignations de produits:Washburn WA90 CE TS electric acoustic guitar, Washburn WA90-CE-TS, Washburn WA90 CE TS, Washburn WA90CETS, WA90-CE-TS, WA90 CE TS, WA90CETS
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Washburn WA90 CE TS

Washburn WA90 CE TS

Washburn WA90 is an electric acoustic guitar with an extremely affordable price and very good workmanship compared to instruments of this class. WA90 has a pleasant, warm sound and impeccable finish. Neck is comfortable and frets are leveled, without sharp edges. What is also important - string action is not too high - pressing chords does not cause major problems! It is also worth noting that the WA90 model has a cutaway, thanks to which we have access to higher positions on the neck. Guitarists looking for a cheap, functional instrument will definitely like this feature. We recommend this guitar in particular to beginners looking for their first instrument or guitarists returning to play after many years of break.

Spécification technique: Washburn WA90 CE TS

Droitier / Gaucherpour droitier
Plaque supérieuretilleul
Dos / Éclissestilleul
ToucheDark walnut
Forme du corpsdreadnought
Configuration des cordes6
CouleurHoney Sunburst
Styles musicalesblues , musique alternative, rock, inde

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