Yamaha CPX III 500 VSB

Yamaha CPX III 500 VSB
  • Yamaha CPX III 500 VSB
Id de produit / Code de produit:191227 / Y-CPX-500-III-VSB
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Autres noms du produit:Yamaha CPX III 500 Natural electric acoustic guitar, Yamaha CPX-500-III-VSB, Yamaha CPX 500 III VSB, Yamaha CPX500IIIVSB, CPX-500-III-VSB, CPX 500 III VSB, CPX500IIIVSB
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Yamaha CPX III 500 VSB

Yamaha CPX III 500 Natural

CPX guitars combine the on-stage prowess of the legendary APX series with a bigger-bodied design for a louder, fuller acoustic sound and a more traditional look.
The CPX500 III is a Yamaha Compass medium jumbo-sized model with a Spruce top, Eastern Mahogany back and sides, die-cast tuners and System66 preamp, the full-bodied "big brother" to the APX500 model.
The CPX500III 6-String Electro Acoustic guitar utilises the System 66 under-saddle piezo pickup developed by Yamaha. Controls include a 3-band equaliser, an adjustable mid-range frequency control, and a precision chromatic tuner for optimum sound tailoring. The system is powered by easy to obtain AA-size batteries that provide a stable power supply for improved sound quality.

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