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Duesenberg DSP
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Duesenberg DSP

Duesenberg DSP Starplayer Special Black Sparkle

The Starplayer Special is a solidbody, dual pickup, 22 fret electric guitar, featuring a contoured alder body, bolt-on neck and a 647mm scale.

The Starplayer Special combines a variety of different approaches to form an instrument which is both high quality but also affordable. Its Alder body is contoured for premium looks and playability and then fitted with a bolt-on maple neck. This combination presents exceptional sound and clarity which brings sweet thick tones and long sustain. Duesenberg's bolt on maple neck and rosewood fingerboard deliver a distinctive attack and clarity not usually associated with this body type.

The mounted GrandVintage pickup - in combination with the slightly higher output CrunchBucker - delivers penetrating and powerful rock sound. The Multi-Tone control extends the possibilities beyond that with several additional singlecoil-like sound options.

All Duesenberg instruments are fitted with their own hardware, which you will only find on a Duesenberg. Duesenberg design it with attention to even the smallest details to create truly unique instruments from tuner buttons to jack plates. And with the Starplayer Special, you get the same high quality hardware as on all Duesenberg's other instruments.

All Duesenberg fretboards are carefully pleked and finished by hand for optimum playability and the smooth feel they are famous for.

The Starplayer Special comes in many different opaque or sparkle colours which impart a rich visual identity and also a lefthand edition. It was first prototyped in 1992 and voted “Guitar of the Year” in UK in 2003. It is a long term classic in Duesenberg lineup and has been the entry into the Duesenberg world for many Duesenberg users around the world.

Spécification technique: Duesenberg DSP

Droitier / Gaucherpour droitier
Fixation de la manchevissé
Nombre de frettes22
Longueur de l‘échelle25.5"
Microshumbucker/humbucker (h/h)
Configuration des cordes6
Styles musicalesblues , musique alternative, rock, inde, funk

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