Bender 1046

Bender 1046
  • Bender 1046
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Autres désignations de produits:LaBella Bender 1046 Criterion electric guitar strings 10-46 , Bender 1046, 1046
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Bender 1046

LaBella Bender

In the 1960s, LaBella released a set of nickel-plated electric guitar strings that would change the sound of the guitar forever. These Ultra Benders are back, and better than ever. To recapture the tone and feel of the originals, LaBella went back to the original design and materials, re-creating the strings to perfection. LaBella calls their Ultra Benders, "The most authentic vintage electric guitar string on the market." Give them a shot. You just might agree.

• Nickel-plated roundwound electric guitar strings
• 1960s, rock tone
• Tension: Regular
• Gauges:.010, .013, .017, .026W, .036, .046
• Modified Atmosphere Packaging keeps the strings fresh

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