Joyo BantCab

Joyo BantCab
  • Joyo BantCab
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Joyo BantCab

Joyo BantCab

Introducing the JOYO BantCab ! JOYO have designed the BantCab guitar cabinet to match perfectly with BanTamPs. The 8" speaker cabinet is loaded with an 8" Celestion 15 watt, 8 ohm speaker. When paired together, the BantCab and BanTamP combo makes a great looking pair and performance is without a doubt far better than other cabs in this price range.

The Bantcab features a Celestion 15 watt eight is perfect for recreating that classic British amp rock tone. With well balanced mids and highs and a complimenting meaty bottom end. It is the biggest sounding 8" speaker you can get in this size cab, bringing you extra depth, girth and punch to your JOYO guitar tone.


• Design : Slant / Closed Back
• Speaker : Celestion EIGHT 15
• Speaker Size : 8 inch
• Max. Input Peak Power : 20W
• Input Sensitivity : 95dB
• Input Impedance : 1kHz/8Ω
• Frequency Response : 100Hz - 5kHz / 6dB
• Resonant Frequency : 170Hz
• Cab Material : MDF (medium density fibreboard) 12mm
• Dimensions : 324x160x260mm / 12.75x6.30x10.25 inches
• Weight : 4 kgs / 8.75 lbs

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