Kantare Poco S53

Kantare Poco S53
  • Kantare Poco S53
  • Kantare Poco S53
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Kantare Poco S53

Kantare Poco S53

Kantare guitars originated in year 1986, in the city of Helsinki, Finland. Their exceptional feature is patented in 2001 Lens Resonance System (LRS) soundboard which produces well balanced and responsive sound with long sustain. The sound of a LRS guitar is very sensitive and responsive, because the vibration energy produced by the strings is evenly shared to the soundboard via the stiff middle area. Kantare Poco S53 features solid Carpathian spruce top, laminated mahogany back and sides, mahogany colored neck, rosewood and fingerboard. Also, Poco classical guitar is equipped with elegant white/golden tuning machines. Poco S53 provides good balance between low and high notes, long sustain, clear and even tone in every note and chord, lack of so called "wolf notes".

Spécification technique: Kantare Poco S53

Droitier / Gaucherpour droitier
Taille1/2 (4-5 ans)
Plaque supérieuresapin
Dos / Éclissesacajou
Nombre de cordes6
Styles musicalesmusique classique

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