Hohner Bravo II 60

Hohner Bravo II 60
  • Hohner Bravo II 60
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Hohner Bravo II 60

Hohner Bravo II 60 Accordion

The Bravo Series sets the gold standard for students and beginners. The rugged and musically versatile instruments in this series offer performance features previously available only in considerably more expensive instruments. A good example is the Bravo’s incorporation of the T-keyboard mechanism, offering outstanding playability and ease of service.

The HOHNER project team was led by the input of both accordion teachers and students regarding another important aspect of design: the instrument should be as light as possible, especially for the youngest pupils. The 48 bass accordions weigh only 4.9 kg (10.8 lbs.), making them perhaps the lightest available instruments in their class on the market. The larger instruments are also exceptionally light.

• Treble: 26 keys, range b-c''', two sets of reeds, two registers
• Tuning: Tremolo (Dry)
• Bass: 48 buttons
• Size: 7.25" deep by 12" high
• Keyboard: 12.75"
• Padded gig bag
• Shoulder straps

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Hohner Bravo II

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