Mooer MRT1 Soul Shiver Univibe

Mooer MRT1 Soul Shiver Univibe
  • Mooer MRT1 Soul Shiver Univibe
  • Mooer MRT1 Soul Shiver Univibe
  • Mooer MRT1 Soul Shiver Univibe
Id de produit / Code de produit:153597 / MOOER-MRT-1
État de l‘entrepôt: 1 état du: 2023-02-08 02:30:19
Produit dans l‘entrepôt du partenaire logistique
Temps d‘attente prévu: 14 jours
Autres noms du produit:Mooer MRT1 Soul Shiver Multi Modulation Pedal, Mooer MRT-1, Mooer MRT 1, Mooer MRT1, MRT-1, MRT 1, MRT1
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73.23 EUR

Mooer MRT1 Soul Shiver Univibe

Mooer MRT1 Soul Shiver

Mooer is an energetic and technological innovative company, dedicated in researching, manufacturing and marketing electronic musical instruments and audio equipments, by applying the state-of-the-art technology into their products. They have developed a variety of products in electronic musical instruments, ranging from Synthesizer, sound and audio processor, and digital audio effects etc., relying on their strong and efficient research and development team, most of them have deep accomplishment in the area of music and musical instruments and have many years of accumulation in synthesizer technology, wavetable synthesizer technology and digital audio effects technology.

• Classic 60s sound, which takes you into the retro psychedelic trip
• Three effect modes: Chorus/ Vibrato/ Rotary
• Chorus: A high quality standard chorus, with warm and psychedelic chorus effect.
• Vibrato: Vintage 60s vibrato sound, ensuring that a wide- range vibrato effect could be achieved.
• Rotary: simulate the cabinet a round you, bringing forth a fantastic rotary effect.
• Full metal shell
• Very small and compact design
• True bypass switch
• DC 9V adapter power supply

• Input : 1/ 4”monaural jack (impedance: 470k Ohms)
• Output : 1/ 4”monaural jack (impedance: 100 Ohms)
• Power Requirements: AC adapter 9V DC (center minus plug) , recommended to use Mooer Micro Power
• Current Draw:128 mA
• Dimensions: 93. 5mm (D) × 42mm (W) × 52mm (H)
• Weight : 150g
• Accessories: Owner 's Manual

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