Vic Firth RMWB Russ MillerWire Brush

Vic Firth RMWB Russ MillerWire Brush
  • Vic Firth RMWB Russ MillerWire Brush
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Vic Firth RMWB Russ MillerWire Brush

Vic Firth RMWB Russ Miller Wire Brush

A brush dedicated to each hand! Features a “sweep” brush with medium gauge wire for smooth sound, and a “ride” brush with a tight spread and heavy gauge wire for clear projection with incredible rebound.

A multi-platinum recording artist, Russ Miller has played on several Grammy Award winning recordings and has experienced a diverse musical career with talents like Ray Charles, The Fifth Dimension, Natalie Cole, Tina Turner, Bobby Caldwell, Nelly Furtado, The Psychedelic Furs, Hilary Duff, Steve Perry, Andrea Bocelli, Daniel Bedingfield and Meredith Brooks. Additionally, Russ is a 7-time Modern Drummer Reader’s Poll winner and has authored two books, three DVD’s and two solo albums. To address the challenges of today’s players, Russ’ new Hi-Def Retractable Wire Brushes offer a totally new approach in brushes with a dedicated brush for each hand! The “Sweep” brush features medium gauge wire for a smooth sound, while the “Ride” brush offers clear projection and incredible rebound with its heavy gauge wire and tight spread. “The ‘Riding’ hand plays itself,” Russ explains. “It has a rebound that I have never felt from any other brush. Playing fast tempos is a breeze! The ‘Sweeping’ hand is big and musical with a great sound! This totally new approach to the brushes makes them more accessible to a whole new generation of players!” “Let’s face it,” Russ continues, “brush playing has become a bit of a lost art. The tools themselves haven’t been updated to deal with what players are now facing in live performance with Pro-Tools tracks flying in on stage, walls of amps, triggered drums, etc. Trying to get brushes to carry through a large ensemble in a big hall is very difficult. I needed brushes that could cut through the music but in a real musical way. And thanks to my work with Vic Firth, we have something that is unique and fantastic!”


• Diam.: .585"
• Bristle Spread: 5"

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