RCF LivePad 6X

RCF LivePad 6X
  • RCF LivePad 6X
  • RCF LivePad 6X
  • RCF LivePad 6X
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Autres noms du produit:RCF LivePad 6X 6-ch mixing console with effects, RCF L-PAD-6X, RCF L PAD 6X, RCF LPAD6X, L-PAD-6X, L PAD 6X, LPAD6X
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RCF LivePad 6X

RCF LivePad 6X

With two transparent sound mic inputs, two stereo line inputs and the 2tk in/out, L-PAD 6X is the ideal tool for one man bands, speech, background music diffusion and parties. The 16-preset Internal FX DSP allows the sound to be improved, adding accurate and warm effects. Thanks to the accurate Italian design L-PAD 6X is easy to grab and handle in all the situations. It is possible to install L-PAD 6X on a mic stand with the dedicated accessories.


• 2 MIC XLR/line inputs with ¼ inch jack
• 2 stereo line inputs with ¼ inch jack
• 1 2TK inputs with RCA
• 1 stereo return with ¼ inch jack

• 1 2TK output with RCA
• 1 MAIN MIX stereo output with ¼ inch jack
• 1 CONTROL ROOM stereo output with ¼ inch jack
• 1 PHONES stereo output with ¼ inch jack
• 1 FX SEND output with ¼ inch jack

Other features:
• 1 footswitch connector with ¼ inch jack for FX MUTE
• Three-band EQ on mono channels
• Dual-band EQ for stereo channels
• Internal Digital Effects: warm & bright hall, warm & bright room, vocal, plate, stereo delay, rev+delay, rev+chorus
• External PSU 220 V-230 V / 18 V~ 1000 mA

Physical specifications:
• Dimensions: L = 275 mm, W = 195 mm, H = 75 mm
• Weight: 1.325 kg

Spécification technique: RCF LivePad 6X

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Nombre de rails de ligne de microphone2
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