Mapex TND5044TC Tornado

Mapex TND5044TC Tornado
  • Mapex TND5044TC Tornado
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Autres noms du produit:Mapex TND5044TC Tornado drum set, Mapex TND5044TC-YB, Mapex TND5044TC YB, Mapex TND5044TCYB, TND5044TC-YB, TND5044TC YB, TND5044TCYB
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Mapex TND5044TC Tornado

Mapex TND5044TC Tornado

Tornado drum shells are made from hand selected basswood ply's and all kits feature ball and socket tom holders for ultimate positioning and double braced hardware throughout. All Tornado kits also include a matching wood shell snare drum and are shipped with Hi Hat and Crash/ Ride.

• Studio Version, covered Shells in Black color,
• Shells in Basswood
• Set containing:
- 20"x16" Bass Drum,
- 10"x08" - 12"x09" Tom Toms,
- 14"x14" Floortom,
- 14"x5,5" Snare Drum,
• Hardwareset containing a C200 straight Cymbalstand, H200 Hi-Hat, P200 Bass Drum Pedal, S200 Snare Stand, T250 Drummer Throne and 14" Hi-Hat and 16" Crash Cymbal

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