Rali Vintage P/3

Rali Vintage P/3
  • Rali Vintage P/3
  • Rali Vintage P/3
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Autres noms du produit:Rali Vintage P/3 leather guitar strap, Rali VINT-P/3, Rali VINT P/3, Rali VINTP/3, VINT-P/3, VINT P/3, VINTP/3
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Rali Vintage P/3

Rali Vintage P/3

Rali Company specializes in manufacturing natural leather products which are known among guitar players for their high quality. The straps Rali makes are comfortable, unique and made from highest quality leather. That is why Rali's straps are comfortable and artists like them. Very good quality and reliability at an affordable price.

• Guitar strap
• Adjustable length
• Very solid and durable
• Material: leather
• Colour: brown / light brown

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