Warwick Just A Nut III

Warwick Just A Nut III
  • Warwick Just A Nut III
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Warwick Just A Nut III

Warwick Just A Nut III

The strong personality of Warwick is the result of experience, high technology and unique features. One such feature is represented by a very specific nut that makes the musician's life much easier. What follows is a sketch of the story of an exclusive Warwick invention: the Just-A-Nut! The first Just-A-Nut was made of solid brass and allowed for the height of each individual string to be varied, given the adjustable screws situated in each notch. The current Just-A-Nut III is the most progressive design yet for a part that is so essential to the playability and sound transmission of the instrument.

• Bass guitar nut
• For four-string, right-handed models
• Material: plastic
• Black

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