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  • EVE Audio SC407
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EVE Audio SC407

EVE Audio SC407

If you are looking for a combination of both quality precision and power for your main studio speakers, you can't go wrong with the SC4 series.
Both models - the SC407 and SC408 - feature a very powerful amplifier array, with one amplifier per driver. The larger woofers duplicate all frequencies up to a certain crossover frequency. The mid-range woofer picks up from there. This also means all our four-way speakers are symmetrical, as the woofers do not serve different frequency bands, but essentially duplicating the bass frequencies with an utmost preciseness.
The result? Incredible bass reproduction, a very linear response, and plenty of power to shake up your main studio control room.
The stylish grey plate in the middle of the speaker not only houses the midrange woofer and AMT tweeter, but it can also be rotated so that you can place your speaker vertically or horizontally.
Two 6.5" SilverCone woofers with a specially made 1.5" voice coil extend the bass frequency response down to 35Hz and work simultaneously up to 280Hz.
An extra developed 4" SilverCone midrange unit joins these high quality bass drivers that endows these speakers with a greater linear excursion and clear and accurate midranges. The bass and mid woofers in our SC407 feature our very low distortion copper cap magnet system. They combine unique glass fibre coated diaphragms with stable honeycomb structure to deliver sound spectacularly detailed and clear.


• Two-way
• Dimensions: 600 x 260 x 320mm
• Weight: 18kg
• Frequency response (-3dB): 35Hz - 21kHz
• Tweeter: AMT RS3
• Woofer: 2 x 165mm / 6.5 "
• Mid-woofer: 100mm / 4 "
• Frequency division: 280Hz / 3000Hz
• Maximum pressure (1m): 116dB
• Number of Amplifiers: 4
• Max power: 590W
• Power Amplifier (tweeter): 50W
• Amplifier power (woofer): 2x180W
• Amplifier power (midrange): 180W
• Limiter: YES
• Volume range: -∞ - + 6dB
• Top Shelf Filter (-5dB - + 3dB):> 3kHz
• Desk Beam Filter (0dB - + 3dB): 80Hz
• Desk filter Cut (-5dB - 0dB): 300Hz
• Lower Shelf Filter (-5dB - + 3dB): <300Hz
• XLR input impedance: 10kOhm
• RCA input impedance: 10kOhm
• Power Consumption: <1W
• Full Startup: 300VA

Spécification technique: EVE Audio SC407

Puissance de l600
SPL maximum116
Gamme de fréquence de35
Gamme de fréquences jusqu'à21
Processeur DSPnon
Correction manuelle de la fréquenceoui
Entrée XLR analogiqueoui
Entrée Jack analogiquenon
Entrée RCA analogiqueoui
dimensions600 x 260 x 320

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