Jargar Cello Medium D

Jargar Cello Medium D
  • Jargar Cello Medium D
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Autres noms du produit:Jargar Cello Medium D cello string, Jargar CELLO-M-D, Jargar CELLO M D, Jargar CELLOMD, CELLO-M-D, CELLO M D, CELLOMD
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Jargar Cello Medium D

Jargar Cello Medium D

Jargar cello strings follow a remarkable history and tradition of cello strings. While our most popular A and D strings, are still the Larsen brand, Jargar also offers a lot for your money. We offer their popular, 'plane jane' medium, light and heavy 'chrome' cello strings as their 'Special' and 'Superior' level strings. What's the difference? The Specials and Superiors, tend to be a tad brighter and are a little more tension, with the 'Superiors' somewhat more like their 'Solo' edition.

• D String 4/4 Cello
• Medium Gauge, Ball End
• Chromesteel Winding - Solid Steel Core

Spécification technique: Jargar Cello Medium D

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