Gewa 530398 fire&stone aluminium

Gewa 530398 fire&stone aluminium
  • Gewa 530398 fire&stone aluminium
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Autres noms du produit:Gewa Fire&Stone aluminium electric/acoustic guitar capo, Gewa 530398, 530398
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Gewa 530398 fire&stone aluminium

Gewa Fire&Stone aluminium electric/acoustic guitar capo
THE brand for guitar accessories. Whether guitar straps, machine heads, picks, capodaster or care products, all GEWA items are of premium quality. Gewa Fire&Stone capo is a professional capo made of high quality materials. It has extremely robust construction, yet rubber ends make it completely safe for the instrument's neck and comfortable for user. Very good quality at an affordable price.

• Electric/acoustic guitar capo
• Improved model with new spring
• With pick holder
• One handed operation
• Aluminium, extra light, 50 gr.
• Rubber rest arched, 56 mm wide
• Robust spring mechanism
• Aluminium highgloss polished

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