Vox ICE 9

Vox ICE 9
  • Vox ICE 9
  • Vox ICE 9
  • Vox ICE 9
  • Vox ICE 9
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Vox ICE 9

Vox ICE 9

The Ice 9 delivers a wide range of inspiring tones, yet remains remarkably easy to use. The name comes from the title of one of Joe Satriani's popular songs on his smash album, Surfing with the Alien (1987).

Dual Voice Dexterity

The Vintage / Modern voice switch provides access to two totally different overdrive voices; each is designed to Joe’s exacting specifications using carefully selected components. The Vintage mode employs a special op amp and premium diodes to offer overdrive effects that are sweetly warm and classic, with just the right amount of sparkle and sustain. In contrast, the Modern voice adds in a Germanium diode to kick up a cutting-edge overdrive that is altogether new and aggressive.

Superior Sound Shaping

While most overdrives simply offer a single EQ knob, the Ice 9 is voiced with both a custom Tone control and an extra a Bass response knob. The Bass control adds extra bottom to the sound before it enters the drive stage, delivering dynamic low-end response. Turning the Bass down will result in an overdrive tone with a crisp, extra bite The Tone control shapes the sound as it exits the drive stage, offering even more sonic flexibility. While the EQ points match the exact settings Joe Satriani uses to create his enormous guitar tones, the Ice 9 lets you create an overdrive tone that's all your own.

The Substance of Style

Each pedal in the VOX / Joe Satriani Series was built to be best in its class, with enough flexibility to express both Joe’s – and your own – individual, signature tone. Power comes from a single 9 Volt battery (an optional AC adapter is available). True to Joe's design, the Ice 9 features a durable metal case, a dazzling paint job, plus easy-to-read, chicken-head knobs.


• Two voices of overdrive: Vintage or Modern
• Gain and Volume knobs offer exacting distortion control
• Tone and Bass controls deliver detailed tone-shaping
• The signature Joe Satriani 'More' buton
• Controls: Gain Knob, Tone Knob, Bass Knob, Volume Knob; On/Off Switch, 'More' Switch, Vintage/Modern Switch
• In/Outputs: 1/4" Input, 1/4" Output, AC power input
• Dimensions: 143(W) x 121(D) x 57.5(H)mm
• Weight: 600g (excluding batteries)
• Power: One 9V Battery (included) or AC adapter (not included)

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