Grenada BC 38

Grenada BC 38
  • Grenada BC 38
  • Grenada BC 38
  • Grenada BC 38
  • Grenada BC 38
  • Grenada BC 38
Id de produit / Code de produit:131504 / HM-BC38-BK-P-SK23
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Autres noms du produit:Grenada BC 38 concert piano bench, black, Grenada BC38-BK-P-SK23, Grenada BC38 BK P SK23, Grenada BC38BKPSK23, BC38-BK-P-SK23, BC38 BK P SK23, BC38BKPSK23
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342.79 EUR

Grenada BC 38

Grenada BC 38 concert piano bench
Comfortable seat for the professional pianists. Grenada BC38 combines a beautiful, classic look with durability and high quality components. The main advantage of the bench is height adjustability in a wide range of 48 to 54 centimeters. Leather seat was made to provide maximum comfort while playing. An additional innovative solution is the possibility of adjusting the height of each leg, so that the bench is stable even on a rugged ground.

• Professional bench for pianists
• Dimensions: 54x39cm
• Adjustable height: 48-54cm
• Four solid legs with the possibility of independent height adjustment for each
• Seat covered with soft black leather
• Color: Black
• Finish: high gloss
• Black upholstery

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