Roland RT 10 K trigger

Roland RT 10 K trigger
  • Roland RT 10 K trigger
  • Roland RT 10 K trigger
  • Roland RT 10 K trigger
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Roland RT 10 K trigger

Roland RT10 K

With acoustic-drum triggering more popular now than ever, Roland has responded to requests from the market and created this new-generation trigger: the RT-10K - for kick drums. Physically smaller, best of all, he is feature new trigger-sensing technology for improved response.
Mission number one with this new series was to improve trigger sensing, and that’s precisely what Roland accomplished with the RT-10K. The new sensor system is designed to eliminate false retriggering by offering an adjustable sensor structure. The reduced size and lighter weight of the triggers are helpful in improving sensitivity.


• New sensor system and lighter material case to improve the trigger response
• Can be used with mesh heads as well as regular acoustic drumheads
• Works directly with Roland V-Drums TD series, TMC-6, SPD series, and HPD-series
• Approximately 10% smaller than previous models
• Kensington security lock-hole for theft-proof merchandizing

• Trigger: 1 (Head)
• Connector: Trigger Output Jack (1/4 inch phone type)
• Accessories: Owner's Manual, Connection Cable
• Guide for installation: Height from rim upper edge to head: 30 to 36 mm / 1-3/16 to 1-7/16 inches, Rim thickness: 13 mm / 9/16 inches
• Dimensions: 40 x 110 x 50mm
• Weight: 80g

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