LaBella 40PS Folk

LaBella 40PS Folk
  • LaBella 40PS Folk
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LaBella 40PS Folk

LaBella 40PS Strings 12-52

La Bella’s Golden Alloy sets are wound with our exclusively formulated 80/20 Brass Alloy, producing a very bright tone. With the ability to sustain a
long decay of sound, these distinctive sets have a resilient string tension to ensure ease of playing.

• For acoustic guitar
• Gauges: Plain Steel: .012, .016; Golden Alloy: .022W, .031, .041, .052
• Golden Alloy (80/20 Brass Alloy) wound strings
• Bright tone; long sustain
• Tension: light
• Made in the USA with American Wire
• Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness

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