Eurolite PAR 30 silver E27

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Eurolite PAR 30 silver E27
  • Eurolite PAR 30 silver E27
  • Eurolite PAR 30 silver E27
Id de produit / Code de produit:126611 / E.LITE-PAR30-SLV
État de l‘entrepôt: 4 état du: 2023-06-08 17:30:22
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Autres noms du produit:Eurolite PAR 30 casing, silver, Eurolite PAR30-SLV, Eurolite PAR30 SLV, Eurolite PAR30SLV, PAR30-SLV, PAR30 SLV, PAR30SLV
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22.19 EUR

Eurolite PAR 30 silver E27

Eurolite PAR 30 casing


• Delivery completely wired with E27 socket and color filter-frame
• Easy installation with silicone cable and power-plug
• 4 clip-to-hold clamps with spring locks for comfortable opening of the color filter-frame
• Strong clamps with extension springs for safe hold and for quick opening of the rear housing cover
• With adjustable mounting-bracket to be connected with mounting-hook
• Blackened tube for precise light-output
• For decoration or display windows, discotheques
• Suitable for different spot angles
• Small lighting-systems can also be realized with a small budget
• Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz ~
• Power consumption: max. 100 W
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 139 x 139 x 248 mm
• Weight: 0.5 kg
• Ecodesign regulation: Yes
• Energy efficiency class: None
• Rated power: 0.00 W
• Energy consumption: 0.00 kWh/1000h

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