TC electronic Aeon Handheld Infinite Sustainer

TC electronic Aeon Handheld Infinite Sustainer
  • TC electronic Aeon Handheld Infinite Sustainer
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TC electronic Aeon

AEON is an infinite sustain device that produces powerful, prolonged notes, and swells of spaced-out sounds. Instead of being mounted at your feet like an effects pedal, AEON puts the effect where it matters most – right in the palm of your hand! Providing instant access to an entirely new world of amazingly-expressive guitar tones, AEON lets you tap into soaring bowed arpeggios, vibrantly-bouncing spiccato, volume swells, endless sustain, and sweeping legatos that can easily be mastered using a variety of simple techniques.

Powerful Modern Design
AEONs powerful custom-made transducers quickly excites the strings and with plenty of string clearance in the deep groove, controlling the dynamics of each note is easy and intuitive. Don’t worry about battery life – AEON is designed to automatically turn itself off after 8 minutes of inactivity, so you’ll always have plenty of power to get through the rest of your gig, even if you forget to turn it off after your mind-numbing extended solo.

Sustain Your Creativity
Even though it has only a single button, AEON is capable of conjuring up a tremendous range of ethereal effects. By placing AEON over a string and slowly moving it closer to the pickup, you get dynamic volume swells similar to the sounds created on bowed instruments minus the initial attack. This technique can be easily used on your guitar, bass, or any other steel stringed instruments; the only limit is your imagination...

Simple & Sturdy
AEON is elegantly crafted in a brushed aluminum housing that provides a comfortable, ergonomic grip for extended playing sessions, and is powered by a single long-life 9 V battery (included). The rugged enclosure is built tough to handle life on the road – and the single-button interface makes for simple and lightning fast operation.


• Handheld infinite sustainer made from high-quality materials
• Powerful custom-made transducers for fast string excitement
• Cool and compact build for ease of use
• Create inspiring new sounds including drones, fade-ins, bowing and more
• Increased string clearance allows for incredibly expressive and dynamic playing
• 9 V battery is conveniently included with purchase
• Works with guitar, bass and other stringed instruments
• Brushed aluminum enclosure design for style and life on the road

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