Remo SN-0016-00

Remo SN-0016-00
  • Remo SN-0016-00
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Autres désignations de produits:Remo SN-0016-00 Silent Stroke 16, Remo SN-0016-00, Remo SN 0016 00, Remo SN001600, SN-0016-00, SN 0016 00, SN001600
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Remo SN-0016-00

Remo Silent Stroke

The Silentstroke drumheads are the ultimate in low volume drumheads, designed for quiet practice applications where standard drumset volumes are an issue. Constructed with 1-ply mesh material, Silentstroke drumheads provide a soft spring-like feel at very low decibel levels. Available is sizes 6" - 24".


• Ideal for apartments, condos and dormitories
• Size: 16"
• Durable 1-ply mesh
• Works well with external electronic triggers
• The ultimate in low volume drumheads

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