Korala PUC 30-019

Korala PUC 30-019
  • Korala PUC 30-019
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Autres désignations de produits:Korala PUC 30-019 concert ukulele, Union Flag, Korala PUC-30-019, Korala PUC 30 019, Korala PUC30019, PUC-30-019, PUC 30 019, PUC30019
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Korala PUC 30-019

Korala PUC 30

Ukulele made of polycarbonate, therefore it is resistant to humidity and temperature. At the same time, this material has a positive effect on sound and the instrument does not differ from wooden uke's. Sound is warm and loud and the instrument perfectly tunes in every position. PUC30 series has been decorated with very original and well-made graphic prints.

• Concert Ukulele
• Material: polycarbonate
• Design: Union Flag

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