Ewpol cello cover 1/4 #

Ewpol cello cover 1/4 #
  • Ewpol cello cover 1/4 #
  • Ewpol cello cover 1/4 #
  • Ewpol cello cover 1/4 #
  • Ewpol cello cover 1/4 #
Id de produit / Code de produit:155769 / EWPOL-CELLO-1/4-II
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Autres noms du produit:Ewpol 1/4 # cello cover, Ewpol CELLO-1/4-II, Ewpol CELLO 1/4 II, Ewpol CELLO1/4II, CELLO-1/4-II, CELLO 1/4 II, CELLO1/4II
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Ewpol cello cover 1/4 #

Ewpol 1/4 cello cover

Ewpol is a Polish producer of professional covers for various types of instruments and studio equipment. All Ewpol products are made with great care using the best materials. Functionality, reliability and attractive price are their main advantages.

• Size: 1/4
• Foam thickness: 20mm
• Waterproof external cover, durable and easy to maintain aesthetic appearance
• Full zip closure
• Additional inner protector along the entire length of the zipper
• Reinforced edges with plastic stiffener
• Two additional external pockets
• Comfortable removable braces with wide rubber shoulder straps
• Additional metal hooks for braces - 5 pieces in total
• Extensive lockable pocket for bow

Spécification technique: Ewpol cello cover 1/4 #

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