Blackstar HTV-412A

Blackstar HTV-412A
  • Blackstar HTV-412A
  • Blackstar HTV-412A
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Blackstar HTV-412A

Blackstar HTV-412A

The Blackstar HTV-412 4x12" is a high quality 4x12" open back speaker cabinet, loaded with four Celestion Seventy 80 12" speakers, suitable any amplifier head. The Blackstar HTV 412 Speaker Cab offers you with plenty of versatility, whether you're playing funk or metal, or you're in the studio, or live on stage. The Blackstar HTV-412 4x12" is voiced to suit the Blackstar HT range of amplifiers, though you can of course use any impedance matched amplifier with this. Everything about these cabinets is built to last, from the heavy duty wiring to the finger jointed cabinet. The four Celestion Seventy 80 produce 320-watts of power and are a detailed and crispy speaker, with a tight bottom end and aggressive mid-range that will suit every rock style.
The Blackstar HTV 412 Open Back Speaker Cab is an all-round fantastic performer that suits nearly all environments, but excels as a touring cab. The Blackstar HTV-412 Cab uses an incredibly rugged construction that is guaranteed to survive a harsh life on the road, and perform consistently each and every time.

If you're looking to buy a speaker cabinet that you're sure will suit your needs of; great versatility, high power, and rugged construction, then look no further than the Blackstar HTV-412 Speaker Cabinet.

• Speaker cabinet
• Speakers: 4x 12 "(Celestion)
• Power: 320W
• Construction: Cutting
• Impedance:
- 16 Ohm / mono
- 2x 8 ohm stereo /
• Dimensions: 755 x 761 x 356mm
• Weight: 35.0 kg

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