Cypress CLUX-42S

Cypress CLUX-42S
  • Cypress CLUX-42S
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Cypress CLUX-42S

Cypress CLUX-42S

This is a high performance HDMI Switcher with remote control. It allows various HDMI sources to share two HDTV display. Simply pressing button to select your desired HDMI source for display on the HDTV. Each product in this series is compatible to HDMI specifications, a cutting-edge technology which defines the supports to transfer Deep Color (10-bit and 12-bit) video and new lossless compressed (Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio) digital audio, with a high bandwidth up to 225 MHz.


• HDMI, HDCP1.1 and DVI1.0 compliant
• Deep color video up to 12bit, 1080p@60Hz
• Connects up to four HDMI source devices and displays any input signal on two HDMI equipped TVs or monitors simultaneously
• Supports DVI source and DVI display by using HDMI to/from DVI adaptor cable
• Supports LPCM 7.1CH, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio transmission (32-192kHz Fs sample rate)
• Supports a wide range of PC and HDTV resolutions from VGA to UXGA and 480i to 1080p
• HDMI cable distance test with 1080p resolution: Input/Output source can run up to 30m/5.1CH
• Full HDCP compliant
• Inputs:
- 4x HDMI [4x Uncompressed AV and Data]
- 1x 9-pin D-sub [1x RS-232 Data]
• Outputs: 2x HDMI [2x Uncompressed AV and Data]
• PSU: 5V/2.6A
• Dimensions: 240mm [W] x 104mm [D] x 44mm [H]
• Net Weight: 800g

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