NINO Percussion NINO580-R

NINO Percussion NINO580-R
  • NINO Percussion NINO580-R
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Autres noms du produit:Nino 580 R Energy Chimes, Nino 580-R, Nino 580 R, Nino 580R, 580-R, 580 R, 580R
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NINO Percussion NINO580-R

Nino 580 R Energy Chimes

Three aluminum bars on a red wooden base. 19cm (7.5") long and 8.5cm (3 3/8") wide. The chime bars are 1/2" thick and are made of silver anodized aluminum. They create a cutting ping with extended sustain when struck. Bars range in length: 13cm (5"), 14.5cm (5.75"), and 18cm (7") long. Comes with one hardwood mallet. Made in Thailand.

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