NINO Percussion NINO579L-B

NINO Percussion NINO579L-B
  • NINO Percussion NINO579L-B
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Autres noms du produit:Nino 579L B Energy Chimes, blue, Nino 579L-B, Nino 579L B, Nino 579LB, 579L-B, 579L B, 579LB
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NINO Percussion NINO579L-B

Nino 579L B Energy Chimes

These NINO instruments have a very cutting “ping” sound. The free floating bars create a very long sustain. NINO® offers three different pitched Energy Chimes, as well as a model with three bars.

• Material: Silver anodized aluminum alloy
• Includes: Wooden beater

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