Canto Mackie SRM-450

Canto Mackie SRM-450
  • Canto Mackie SRM-450
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Autres noms du produit:Canto speaker cover for Mackie SRM-450, Canto SRM450, SRM450
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Canto Mackie SRM-450

Canto cover for Mackie SRM-450

If you're looking for an instrument or a musical device bag, Canto Company offer will surely satisfy your needs. Offering a wide range of bags and covers, it guarantees high quality and perfect workmanship. Cover is applied from above (it has no bottom). In the top there's left hole that allowes the installation of an additional set of columns.Flaps at the side and cover the grips. Cover was sewn 600 D Codura, inside it is stiffened with Stylon. Front has been strengthened by 10 mm with polyurethane foam.

• Cover for Mackie SRM-450
• Material: 600 D Codura
• Foam layer: 10mm
• Holes for the device handles
• Color: black

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