Neutrik NC3MD-LX

Neutrik NC3MD-LX
  • Neutrik NC3MD-LX
  • Neutrik NC3MD-LX
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Autres noms du produit:Neutrik NC3MD-LX male panel socket, Neutrik NC3MD-LX, Neutrik NC3MD LX, Neutrik NC3MDLX, NC3MD-LX, NC3MD LX, NC3MDLX
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Neutrik NC3MD-LX

Neutrik NC3MD-LX

3 pole male receptacle, solder cups, Nickel housing, silver contacts. The DLX series features a compact all metal housing with an ingenious duplex ground contact, which offers excellent RF protection and shielding. It is the ideal match for mating with Neutrik's EMC XLR cable connector.


• All metal housing offers best overall RF protection and electromagnetic shielding
• Duplex ground contact for excellent contact integrity between chassis and cable connector
• Male connector's retention bar replaces plastic design with all metal version improving pull-out force
• Larger solder contacts for easier termination
• Optional connection to easily join pin1 to chassis ground
• D-style housing provides installation compatibility with industry standard D mounting dimensions

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