Rovner X-2R VersaX

Rovner X-2R VersaX
  • Rovner X-2R VersaX
  • Rovner X-2R VersaX
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Autres noms du produit:Rovner X-2R VersaX tenor saxophone ligature, Rovner X-2R, Rovner X 2R, Rovner X2R, X-2R, X 2R, X2R
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Rovner X-2R VersaX

Rovner X-2R VersaX

The groundbreaking Versa-X is for any serious player seeking the ultimate in a high-performance ligature with universal appeal. Its performance-enhancing attributes shine in any musical setting.

• Dark, rich, focused, versatile
• Repositionable flaps and a newly-designed, high-grade metal alloy cradle provide tonal versatility
• Exposing the cradle to the reed adds brilliance and presence while maintaining a rich, centered core
• Allows the player to explore an enhanced tonal spectrum
• Incredible evenness of scale and locked-in intonation
• Projection and control through every register
• Flaps may be arranged asymmetrically to accommodate irregular reeds

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