Stagg EGG-1OR shaker

Stagg EGG-1OR shaker
  • Stagg EGG-1OR shaker
Id de produit / Code de produit:139003 / STAGG-EGG-1OR
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Autres noms du produit:Stagg EGG-1OR shaker, Stagg EGG-1OR, Stagg EGG 1OR, Stagg EGG1OR, EGG-1OR, EGG 1OR, EGG1OR
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Stagg EGG-1OR shaker

Stagg EGG-1OR
Great quality at a reasonable price. Stagg EGG1 is a very a good alternative for much more expensive products. Rich, bright and clear sound will be a great improvement for every band. Ideal for folk, jazz and reggae climates.

• Clear and characteristic sound
• Good quality
• Ergonomic shape
• Color: Orange

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