Meinl Percussion TMT1B-BK

Meinl Percussion TMT1B-BK
  • Meinl Percussion TMT1B-BK
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Autres noms du produit:Meinl TMT1B-BK Tambourine (brass), Meinl TMT1B-BK, Meinl TMT1B BK, Meinl TMT1BBK, TMT1B-BK, TMT1B BK, TMT1BBK
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Meinl Percussion TMT1B-BK

Meinl TMT1B-BK Tambourine

These ergonomically shaped tambourines are available as hand held or mountable versions. The durable ABS frame allows hard hitting and energetic hand playing. Solid brass jingles produce a warm yet cutting sound that projects well in both live and studio situations.

• Easily mountable
• Ergonomic design
• Guiro style playing surface
• "Sandwich" construction
• Size: 2 rows
• Material: solid brass, ABS plastic
• Colour: black

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