Meinl Percussion TA2M-SNT

Meinl Percussion TA2M-SNT
  • Meinl Percussion TA2M-SNT
  • Meinl Percussion TA2M-SNT
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Autres noms du produit:Meinl TA2M-SNT tambourine, Meinl TA2M-SNT, Meinl TA2M SNT, Meinl TA2MSNT, TA2M-SNT, TA2M SNT, TA2MSNT
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Meinl Percussion TA2M-SNT

Meinl TA2M-SNT

The Meinl Recording-Combo Tambourines have a combination of jingles in two different metals. This creates a whole new sound colour. It is both dry and bright, and it offers a sophisticated and highly adaptable sound, with both projection and sustain. The double row uses both Steel and Brass jingles mounted on a wood frame with an attractive Super Natural finish.

• Wooden Tambourine
• Ringtones: 16 pairs (8 steel, brass 8)
• Clear and balanced sound
• Size: 10 "
• Colour: natural

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